At Reward Gateway, we feel that equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is both right, and a fundamental strategic value driver for the business. We’re committed to building a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive environment. A diverse team with different voices, different perspectives and different day to day life experiences broadens each individual employee’s personal and professional growth, improves our ability to understand and respond to our customers’ requirements, and strengthens our decision making.

We believe there are three key reasons why diversity and inclusion are key to our success:

1. Fundamentally we believe that creativity and innovation come from diverse teams with varied backgrounds who constantly challenge each other and what they see.

2. We’re in a competitive business and we can’t afford to have false barriers between us and the very best talent that can help our clients and our business.

3. Our user base is highly diverse. If we are diverse ourselves, we’ll understand, empathise and serve them better.

Our Diversity & Inclusivity Standard was written with the input and collaboration of the whole Reward Gateway team – all 400+ people. This report gives us a high-level view of how we are doing in this area and where we can improve.

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity of Reward Gateway


Valued Partners

The progress we have made on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion journey would not have been possible without the help and guidance from partners whom we value very much. We’d like to say a big thank you for the support you have provided and we recommend them to any HR team looking to make their business a better, more equal, inclusive and diverse place to work.

Tunde Banjoko

Racial Diversity Advisor, Global

Tunde Banjoko.jpeg

Telixia Inico

Facing our Challenges Workshop Facilitator, UK

Telixia Inico.jpeg

Jessica Nordquist

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Facilitator, USA

Jessica Nordquist.jpeg

Ruth Turner

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Facilitator, USA

Ruth Turner.jpeg

GLAS Foundation

Gay & Lesbian Accepted In Society, Bulgaria


Rob Robson

Organisational Development Advisor, UK



Recruitment Partner, Global



Recruitment Partner, Global



Recruitment Partner, Global

working mums.png


Recruitment Partner, Global

working dads.png

BAME Recruitment

Recruitment Partner, UK


Business in the Community

Responsible Business Partner, UK

Business in the community.jpg

Vessy Tasheva

Strategic D&I and Culture Services, Mental Health Advocate, Founder of



Global Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy